Online Scriptable CAD!

This is a very simple (proof of concept) online Scriptable CAD tool that allows you to create Parametric models - like the OpenSCAD application. However, it uses JavaScript! It's very far from being useful right now, but wouldn't a Thingiverse / GitHub / csg.js mashup be awesome for the 3D Printing community?

Absolutely all credit here goes to Evan Wallace. He's the one that created csg.js and pretty much all the code used on this page. All I did was write some code for STL export.

Actually it turns out that somebody beat me to it! See http://joostn.github.com/OpenJsCad/ - it's a lot better than my quick hack!

Change stuff!

Drag in the window above to change the view, and edit the code below to change the model. A browser with WebGL is required to see the results. See the csg.js Documentation for the available commands.

Download STL (You must change the extension to '.stl')